Investor Relations

In the past 18 months the hospitality industry has seen record numbers of defaults, foreclosures, and repossessions. Experts anticipate both business and leisure travel to experience a very slow recovery over the insuring 24 months. Coupled with sharp inclines in supply over the past 3 years, many consider this current time to be the perfect storm. Nonetheless, for the diligent and strategic, this current economic climate provides great opportunities for entry into various markets through acquisitions, repositioning or joint ventures. Many of these markets would normally possess high barriers to entry in more optimistic times.

Marquis Hotels Group offers a specific group of services to our equity partners, investors and owners that are looking to acquire a hotel or improve positioning of their existing asset. When appropriate, MHG will also introduce developers, owners and investors to each other to create successful partnerships.

Investment Related Services:

  • Acquisition / Management
  • Partnership / Joint Venture
  • Turn-Around / Repositioning
  • Other

Marquis’ growth philosophy is based on identifying development and management opportunities in emerging markets that would be well served by our operational strength. Therefore, whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned owner, we look forward to hearing your story and investment goals.

For information on available investment and partnership opportunities please complete the Investment Inquiry Form. You will be contacted by one of our business professionals within 48 hours.

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