About Us

In 2004, a group of hospitality professionals partnered and formed Marquis Hotels Group, LLC a hotel management and development company headquartered in Studio City, California. Marquis Hotels Group was fashioned with the vision of being a leader in the hotel management field, and with the purpose of establishing mutually profitable relationships with hotel owners and investors by way of acquisition, development and management agreements.

Our Mission

To grow our company through strategic hotel management, acquisition and partnership agreements:

  • To be the number one choice for quality and consistency amongst management companies.
  • To provide an evolving guest experience aimed at exceeding the changing needs and expectations of our guests.
  • To develop a culture that respects the needs and expectations of our clients, employees and vendors, while maintaining a keen focus on the interests of its partners and shareholders.

Guiding Principles

Our company fosters an environment where quality, consistency, innovation, integrity, trust and value are the identifying features of our organization.

  • Quality – Maintain an essential nature of excellence and character
  • Consistency – Sustain a high degree of harmony, one to another
  • Innovation – Find a new way, a new process, to be better
  • Integrity – Adhere to the code, be complete and undivided
  • Trust – Rely on character, strength, and truth with confidence
  • Value – Create meaning in what you do and within yourself

Today, we are a unique company that provides hotel management services to existing owners and prospective investors. The company offers over 50 years of aggregate business and hospitality experience through a diversified group of business professionals. The Marquis Hotels Group team has experience with major brands such as, Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental Hotels Group and Best Western. At Marquis, we believe that a major key to success is identifying the right product, within the right market and operated by the right group of individuals.